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Meshed talks LoRaWAN

We attended the 2023 LoRaWAN Live conference in Orlando, Florida. Our General Manager Paul McManus talks to IoT For All about how we are using LoRaWAN and what we’re excited to see in 2023. Plus an interview with Donna Moore, the CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance.

Lake Macquarie LoRaWAN IoT Community Network

LGA-wide deployment of The Things Network in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie has partnered with Meshed to bring IoT coverage to the community. Powered by The Things Network, Lake Macquarie City Council’s Smart Cities Lead Claire Chaikin-Bryan comments “We have built this network to support local community and business innovation, we would like to see everyone using the network from schools and businesses to hobbyists and innovators.” She adds that “Having a network that covers our city opens up opportunities to deploy IoT across any of our assets and public spaces”.

LoRaWAN IoT Community Network

Transforming Argyle Square into 5G & IoT testbed

Meshed IoT led a major technology Consortia of PHORIA, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Peclet Technology, The ARCS Group, Smart Cities Solutions Company, University of Melbourne & Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd. A wide range of LoRaWAN IoT sensors were installed across the park and connected to The Things Network to gather real-time data on people counting, public amenities usage, air quality monitoring and smart bins.

LoRaWAN IoT Community Network

Environmental sensors monitoring health of Melrose Park

Melrose Park, situated in the City of Parramatta, has recently installed more than 70 sensors around the 25-hectare site of 5000 future apartments in partnership with UTS and Meshed. Sensors include a digital windsock for weather conditions and a water quality sensor on a buoy in Parramatta River. The health of the suburb is tracked on a community dashboard, available to all on the City of Parramatta’s website.

Connected Cities Adelaide

Connected Cities is a metro-wide dual band LoRaWAN covering the cities of Prospect, Burnside, Campbelltown, Playford and Port Adelaide and Enfield. The community access network is supporting a wide range of smart cities, environment and asset management use cases, allowing improved operational efficiencies and customer experience. Each council has access to a data visualisation dashboard which is underpinned by the Data Sharing Framework developed by the University of Adelaide. Adelaide now has the largest public access LoRaWAN per capita in Australia providing critical digital infrastructure for making it a test bed for next generation IoT, AI and automation solutions.

LoRaWAN IoT Community Networks

Smart Cities Award 2019

The City of Prospect took out the award for Smart City of the Year – Metropolitan at the recent Smart Cities Awards held in Melbourne. As one of the World’s Most Intelligent Communities, the City of Prospect has also been driving the Connected Cities Adelaide Project which is a metro wide LoRaWAN supporting a range of smart city and environment use cases for improved operations and community benefits.

Mulpha Norwest Smart Precinct

Mulpha Norwest in Sydney, Australia has created a Smart City by deploying the Meshed IoT LoRaWAN which is accessible free of charge by businesses, workers and locals within a 10km radius range. The IoT data network connects hundreds of smart city sensors such as security monitors, humidity ground sensors and GPS tracker which will streamline everyday chores such as watering the garden.

Lake Macquarie activates IoT for Smarter precincts and Liveable Communities

Meshed has activated the Lake Macquarie Community IoT Network to support the UTS Smart Cities and Suburbs Program Liveable Neighbourhoods Project. The “free to air” LoRaWAN is supporting a large scale environmental platform for data on heat, air quality and noise across Lake Macquarie. The network will also host a range of smart precinct and lighting use cases for new Charlestown Innovation Precinct (ChIP) as well as supplements the existing public access LoRaWAN across Newcastle.

Smart Pedestrian Project will use data to help inform urban planning

On 26th April 2018, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities launched the Liverpool City Council Smart Pedestrians Project. The project will see a city-wide LoRaWAN deployed by Meshed and will integrate people and car counting technologies using CCTV and Wi-Fi devices developed by the University of Wollongong and Meshed IoT. We believe this is a “first of a kind” in Australia and hope that the outcomes of this ground breaking collaboration will benefit other cities and regions.

Sydney Fish Market IoT Smart Waste Management

In response to IoTAA’s call to action for industries to showcase real-world IoT use cases. Meshed has partnered with KPMG, IoTAA, Food Agility CRC, Solar Bins Australia, Microsoft and the Commonwealth Bank to implement an IoT enabled smart waste management system that drives operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences at the Sydney Fish Market.

Announcing First Class Region for Public LoRaWAN Across Australia

Meshed IoT Integrators has today launched the provision of local hosting infrastructure to support the global “Free IoT” initiative, The Things Network, making Australia a “first class region” and augmenting the network performance through higher network availability, lower network latency and higher data throughput.

This exciting announcement is great news for local IoT developers and start-ups to help them accelerate their IoT innovations, as well as communities and industries who are driving next generation smart cities, environmental management, intelligent asset management and industry 4.0 solutions.

Greater Hamilton

Southern Grampians Shire Council has partnered with Meshed to deploy a community wide IoT network. The LoRaWAN gateways are located at Coleraine, Penshurst, Dunkeld and Hamilton to provide coverage across the Greater Hamilton.

Ipswich network

Ipswich City Council has worked with Meshed to install a LoRaWAN network across Ipswich, Qld. The gateways are located around Ipswich CBD, Rosewood and Springfield in order to provide coverage for the region.

Melbourne CBD network

Thanks to our partners, KPMG and IAG, Melbourne CBD and surrounds now has Things Network coverage, with gateways placed high up on the rooftop of two iconic city buildings.

Cairns network

James Cook University has partnered with Meshed to install a network at their Smithfield campus. This will provide coverage to the surrounding areas north of Cairns CBD and out to the foreshore.

Brisbane CBD network

In October 2016, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) partnered with Meshed to provide an IoT Community Network for Brisbane. The LoRaWAN gateway is located at Gardens Point campus with good coverage into the CBD and beyond.

Sydney CBD network

University Of Technology Sydney (UTS), in partnership with Meshed launched their LoRaWAN IoT community network in July 2016. It consists of a single gateway mounted on the roof of the historic Building 10 and is available to all nearby university campuses and anyone in the inner city area within range of the gateway.

As of August 2016, KPMG and International Towers have also added to this network with a gateway on top of Barangaroo Tower 3.

As of February 2017, AARNet has joined The Things network with a gateway in North Ryde, further extending coverage of the Sydney network.

Wollongong network

University Of Wollongong, in partnership with Meshed, launched their LoRaWAN IoT community network in March 2016. The gateway is installed on the Smart Buildings Research Centre (SBRC) building and is available to university students, faculty members, City Of Wollongong and anyone within range.