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LoRaWAN IoT Smart Agriculture

Connected farming and intelligent supply chains leverage smart sensing technologies to deliver more productive and sustainable agriculture. LoRaWAN IoT smart agriculture enables precision farming through data driven resource optimisation and management.

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Agriculture

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The Solution

Smart farming currently relies on satellite, existing terrestrial or mobile network connectivity for transform of data from smart sensors. This means coverage over remote farming areas is often patchy and the data charges incurred can be significant. Meshed’s LoRaWAN IoT smart agriculture solution is a cost effective solution for farmers that can be easily deployed with little configuration.

Meshed offers robust sensors that can withstand harsh weather conditions making them a practical and hardy option. With the ability to run independent of electricity for years and long distance data transmission, these sensors also boast versatility.

To see the exact specifications and devices available in our range of smart agriculture sensors, see our Product Catalogue. Please note, this catalogue is a selected range of devices. For the full range, please contact us.

Benefits and features of our smart agriculture solutions include:

  • Reduced manpower involved in security, monitoring, fencing and machinery through remote asset management
  • Increased yields as a result of data driven precision farming

To find out more about Meshed’s smart agriculture solution, contact us.


NSW Department of Primary Industries is the state body responsible for improving agricultural efficiency and supporting farmers.

Meshed was engaged by NSW DPI over the last 3 years to roll-out LoRaWAN public/private networks to support their research and project objectives, and to provide free-to-use community coverage via The Things Network. We play an ongoing role in maintaining and supporting this network.

Some of our Smart Agriculture clients

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Agriculture