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The Meshed LoRaWAN IoT smart industries offering takes advantage of real-time, data-driven technologies and intelligent asset management for the monitoring and maintenance of assets.

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Industries

The Solution

Use the Meshed private LoRaWAN Iot smart industries offering to achieve commercial-grade uptime and Service Level Agreement (SLAs).

Leverage the Meshed highly secure and scalable Network as a Service (NaaS) for real-time data reporting and insights about your assets, environment, processes and people resulting in better equipment performance, reduced ongoing maintenance costs and failure prevention.

Asset rich industries with mission critical applications are supported with the Meshed Private LoRaWAN for Smart Industries.

  • Building and Facilities Management (occupancy levels, people counting, energy and water consumption,
  • Smart Infrastructure and Construction (remote equipment monitoring, asset tracking, proximity sensing and environment management and compliance)
  • Smart Street Lighting and Controls for City Wide and Precinct deployments
  • Smart Water Metering and Intelligent Asset Monitoring
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture and Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Mining and Resources

With the option of network peering between different LoRaWAN networks, your investment can enable greater coverage and interoperability to meet return on investment KPIs.

Transforming Industries With LoRaWAN

To see a range of Meshed’s real-world solutions in smart industry and beyond, visit our case studies. Please note, this is a selected portfolio of projects. For an in-depth look at our solutions, contact us.

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Industries Clients

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Industries