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Industrial IoT Starter Kit

Industrial IoT Starter Kit
MultiTech – LoRaWAN Base Station Gateway
Digital Matter – Oyster3 LoRaWAN® GPS
Elsys – ELT2 Analog/Digital Sensor
Advantech – WISE 2410 Vibration Sensor
Elsys – PTS2 Pressure Sensor
Elsys – TTS2 Temperature Sensor
Elsys – ELT Ultrasonic Level Sensor

To fully leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), you need a Low Power Wide Area Network. Introducing our Industrial IoT Starter Kit.

Over 100 Councils in Australia have now deployed LoRaWAN and The Things Network (TTN) over the last 5 years. Be amongst them by providing intelligent end-to-end asset maintenance with our Industrial IoT Starter Kit. We have assembled the basic foundational building blocks of fully configured, plug & play industrial IoT solution. Providing you with a fully functional LPWAN, this kit has all the essentials to get you started.

This kit features the following:

  • Carrier-grade LoRaWAN gateway equipment
  • Enterprise-grade MeshedX LoRaWAN network server
  • Open API to integrate data with exisitng applications
  • Powerful dashboard visualisation
  • Ability to send alerts, alarms and actuations
  • Sensors configured to work out of the box
  • Hundreds of sensors available for LoRaWAN
  • Full data ownership
  • Highly secure networking protocol – end-to-end

We provide

  • LoRaWAN Network base-station
  • Industrial IoT sensor selection
  • Data visualisation & storage dashboard
  • MeshedX Private Network Server with SLAs (powered by The Things Stack)
  • Mounting kit & accessories
  • Technical support & configuration services
  • 12 months warranty & maintenance

You provide

  • A suitable site for the gateway
  • A pole for mounting it
  • Electrical contractor to attach the gateway and provide power (if required)

Our Industrial IoT Starter Kit establishes an enterprise-grade managed LPWAN at the lowest possible cost using the wildly popular LoRaWAN™ protocol backed by giants such as Cisco, IBM, Honeywell and hundreds of other manufacturers in the LoRa Alliance™. From here, you can add up to approximately 1000 sensors per base-station and continue to build your industrial IoT solutions.

We are members of the LoRa Alliance as well as founding members of the IoT Alliance Australia.

What's Included

All the components you need to build your smart industrial IoT platform

LoRaWAN Gateway
12 Months Maintenance Services
Data Dashboard & Storage
6 Smart Sensors
MeshedX Private LoRaWAN Network
Mounting Kit & Accessories

Our Industrial IoT Starter Kit comes with all the essentials to establish a commercial-grade LPWAN:

  • Outdoor Base Station Gateway with 2 year warranty
  • 12 months maintenance services & warranty
  • Store & visualise your data with your dashboard & cloud storage
  • 6 essential sensors, with the option to add more from our extensive catalogue
  • Managed MeshedX private LoRaWAN network with an SLA
  • Installation instructions, mounting kit and accessories
  • Peace of mind with our configuration & support services

Join over 70 Australian councils who have started their data-driven decision making journey with us.

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