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The City of Perth is implementing CCTV data and analytics, smart irrigation technology and LoRaWAN IoT smart lighting. The program has been jointly funded through the Federal Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, with the Federal government and the City of Perth separately committing $1.3 million.

For Smart Lighting, the City of Perth has enabled the Meshed Private LoRaWAN IoT Solution together with our partner, The ARCS Group Smart Lighting Controllers and CMS.

Project Partners
LoRaWAN IoT Smart Lighting

Smart City-Wide Street Lighting

LoRaWAN IoT Private Networks
Smart lighting for smart cities

The City of Perth is using Meshed's LoRaWAN IoT smart lighting

The City of Perth have launched their Smart Cities program, choosing Meshed for a smart lighting solution. The solution has been designed to support:

  • the reduction of Co2 emissions and energy costs
  • intelligent asset maintenance and greater visibility for scheduling
  • major events within the Smart Precincts; and
  • safety and security improvements for its businesses and residents.
See it for yourself

Our LoRaWAN IoT smart lighting solution has its benefits

John Hawke from the City of Perth talks about the benefits of our smart lighting solution in the following video. He brought in Scott La Vertu, Director and Manager of Technology & Systems at The ARCS Group to explain why our joint-solution is a winner.

“By dimming the lights, we can save 50% of the energy…With over 4000 lights in a local council, that makes a significant saving per year in both energy, cost and CO2.”

– Scott La Vertu, Director and Manager of Technology & Systems, The ARCS Group