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As part of its COVIDSafe return to campus strategy, the University of Melbourne deployed more than 1,700 Elsys CO2 sensors in over 900 teaching spaces and lecture theatres. This was to protect the university community from indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19. The captured data reports to their real-time, map-based facilities management platform CampusNow. Supported by SLAs using the MeshedX LoRaWAN Server, real-time data is collected from their campus-wide LoRaWAN network.

Additionally, Meshed has previously worked with the University of Melbourne in 2019 to deploy LoRaWAN gateways across the university’s campuses. These included Parkville, Dookie, Burnley and Creswick. The hybrid gateways provide students, researchers and teaching staff with public LoRaWAN IoT access. The university‚Äôs IT and Assets Team have also harnessed the network for mission critical applications as well.

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COVIDSafe Smart Campus

COVID Safe Smart Campus
COVID Safe Smart Campus
COVIDSafe smart campus life

Smart Campus strategies with LoRaWAN IoT

We powered the University of Melbourne COVIDSafe smart campus strategy with The Things Network (TTN) and our MeshedX Private Network Server. This means that students, nearby businesses and industries can connect to the IoT network for free, while the university gets an industrial strength network backed by SLAs.

Powerful data for safer & healthier campuses

How is the sensor data
used to improve campus health & safety?

Data provided by our network and sensors is combined with other university datasets. This was done to more clearly understand each spaces’ ventilation requirements. A real-time alerting framework was then established using CO2 levels as a proxy. As a result, we are able to evaluate the airborne virus risk and check for an adequate fresh air supply. Most importantly, these alerts are monitored. As a result, ventilation settings can be adjusted, or similarly, portable air purifiers can be deployed.