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Meshed IoT first approached Randwick City Council about the benefits of using LoRaWAN technology and the amazing The Things Network back in 2018. Since then, they have enthusiastically embraced the concept and have gone on to produce one of the best examples of public safety enhancement, as seen with their Smart Beaches initiative.

The Randwick City Council LoRaWAN IoT Smart Beach project has created smart technologies to enhance visitor experience across its beaches. The Council secured funding in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program run by the Australian Federal Government which was designed to spur investment in data driven decision technology just like this.

Meshed would like to thank to Anthony Collis and all the team involved in the Randwick City Council LoRaWAN IoT Smart Beaches Project for supporting and driving the initiative, and to Peclet Technology for being such great partners in many of our smart cities projects.


Randwick Smart Beach Project

Randwick City Council LoRaWAN IoT
Project Partners
Randwick City Council LoRaWAN IoT
Partnership for exciting data

In partnership with Peclet Technology, sensors were connected to an ODS feed

After establishing Meshed managed LoRaWAN gateways at Coogee and Maroubra beaches, the council deployed a range of LoRaWAN sensor devices to feed information to the visitor display via the open data platform, Opendatasoft (ODS), provided by Peclet Technology.

Powerful weather data

Applying smart technologies to optimise visitor experience

Near realtime data about hyperlocal weather and wind is collected by a LoRaWAN Sonic weather station mounted at each location and fed via ODS to the display interface at the beach, along with Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, bus timetables and other publicly available information. Advice and comments from the local Life Savers about beach, rips and wave conditions are also incorporated.