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Parkes in NSW is well known for it’s popular Elvis Festival every January that attracts thousands of visitors, and their wallets, to what is normally a sleepy country town.  It’s a major event that brings exceptional cultural and economic benefits to the entire Shire area.  If you want accomodation in January in Parkes or surrounding towns, you need to book up to 12 months in advance!  A little known fact about the festival is that Meshed plays a small but important part of the preparations and evaluation of each years festival.
in 2018, Meshed was retained by Parkes Shire Council to build a LoRaWAN network that would provide the town with several benefits:

LoRaWAN Coverage & People Counting

Parkes Shire Council LoRaWAN
Infrastructure monitoring at its best

A smart city with
smart water and infrastructure

Meshed has built a secure, low power, long range, open-systems data network for Parkes. It now covers a vast majority of the town and supports water metering and other infrastructure monitoring applications.

Whilst the wireless water meter monitoring project is still in the trials stage, Meshed has already created the network with help for the Shire’s engineering staff and local electrical contractors. Using existing towers, water tank infrastructure and buildings, the Shire Council has provided resources to host the base stations. We now manage the Parkes Shire Council LoRaWAN network infrastructure.
Counting on the community

A LoRaWAN network
and people counting solution

The Parkes Shire Council LoRaWAN network is an open IoT network for the town to use at no cost to the user. Aiming to create a community asset for businesses and STEM skills development, Meshed has provided a community LoRaWAN network to foster this economy.

The Parkes Elvis Festival brings in big numbers to the town. We have implemented our LoRaWAN IoT nCounter to help monitor crowd numbers in the main central park area at the centre of the Parkes Elvis Festival Celebrations.