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In 2022, we were approached by iWOW Technology Ltd from Singapore. iWOW are a public company that specialise in asset tracking, utilities metering and asset monitoring using LoRaWAN IoT networks. iWOW were interested in our Meshed nCounter people counting solution for monitoring a new residential precinct in the Eastern side of Singapore.

iWOW are working in conjunction with the Singapore Government’s Housing Development Board (HDB) to test various types of sensing for the precinct, including people counting. Five of our nCounter devices have been shipped to the project and several have already been commissioned and are currently in operation. The nCounter Platform provides the data feed and dashboard storage for collecting people counting data and creating graphical insights such as:

  • People in range, so far today
  • People per hour
  • People per day
  • Average dwell time
  • Dwell time histogram

People Counting in Singapore

People counting abroad

Sending our solution global

We are thrilled to be sending the nCounter global in collaboration with iWOW. After much success in Australia and over 50 national rollouts, this is the first export to an international customer for the nCounter solution.

Rolling it out across the globe

Securing the future

Our nCounter solution will shortly be available in the USA followed by the EU markets as well. To find out more about the nCounter, see our People Counting solution.