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In an Australian first, Meshed and ICT International have delivered a mission-critical safety solution for Transport for NSW. We have developed a system designed to warn motorists of black ice and difficult road conditions across NSW ski resort regions. The Smart Alpine Project was designed as an early warning system to address significant congestion issues on the key access roads to NSW ski resorts.

Transport for NSW installed weather stations, people counters, and traffic counters connected to a reliable LoRaWAN radio frequency communications network. This has allowed drivers to be informed of road hazards, weather conditions and carpark capacity at major attractions in the Snowy Mountains.

The real-time data is being shared with road users via road signage showing the condition of snow and ice on the road, availability of parking at ski resorts and the likelihood that drivers will need to fit snow chains during the 2022 ski season.

Smart solutions for smart regions

Powerful visualisation and metrics

Data for the Smart Alpine Project is being reported to the Meshed Data Visualisation Platform. Our platform has 24/7 device management and network performance data as well as being seamlessly integrated to the NSW Open Data Hub.

Rolling it out across the region

A successful project with an exciting future

Given the success of the trial, it is envisaged the critical information and early warning system may be rolled out across other roads that experience black ice and congestion during the winter periods.