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LoRaWAN IoT smart water supports long-term sustainability for changing water resources. Foresight of potential faults is critical before they reach customers and mitigate revenue loss.

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Water

The Solution

Deploying sensors that can detect water quality, monitor consumption and alert providers of leakages promotes better decision-making when managing assets. Meshed’s LoRaWAN IoT smart water solution includes the deployment of sensors for water and environmental monitoring.

Meshed has worked extensively with clients to harness the power of smart water. This has included deploying sensors to manage drainage and flood alerts, as well as wireless water meter monitoring projects. We’ve developed case studies to demonstrate real-world examples of our solutions in action. These include Sydney Water, Shoalhaven City Council, City of Parramatta, Parkes Shire Council and Latrobe City Council. These LGAs have worked with us to make smart water a reality for their municipalities.

To see how Meshed has harnessed smart water solutions and beyond with clients, visit our Case Studies page.

Monitoring uses

  • Water consumption
  • Tank levels
  • Water pump management
  • Chemical contamination detection
  • Swimming pool monitoring
  • Seawater pollution measurement
  • Leak detection
  • Tide monitoring

To learn more about or smart water devices, visit our Product Catalogue for a selected range of options. For a full list of our devices and solutions, please contact us.

Some of our Smart Water clients

LoRaWAN IoT Smart Water