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The City of Canada Bay has employed a data-driven approach to reduce their carbon footprint and waste collection costs.
Using Meshed’s low-cost LoRaWAN IoT smart waste management model, the City of Canada Bay’s bins can tell you how quickly they are filling and when they need to be collected, alongside:
  • Determining if more or less bins are needed in a given area
  • If empty bins are being picked-up unnecesarily
  • What bins need to be picked up more often due to regular overflows

Using LoRaWAN bin level sensors, the network is low-power with bin sensors lasting 3 to 5 years without need for recharge or replacement. They are robust and low-cost to ensure communications costs are kept to a minimum. Meshed was chosen to establish a LoRaWAN network that supports 98 bin sensors, plus whole raft of other Council devices including People Counting pedestrian trackers, GPS locators, as well as indoor environment sensors and data centre rack temperature and tilt monitors.

Project Partner
Smartsensor Technologies LoRaWAN IoT smart waste management


Bin sensors


Years of battery life
Providing in partnership

A partnership to create
LoRaWAN IoT smart waste management solutions

Smartsensor Technologies provides the bin sensors, phone app, auto-routing for waste trucks and the Waste Management Data Platform and analytics. Meshed provides the managed network and all of the other sensors and dashboards.

Community initiative

Thinking outside the box on waste management

One of the best features of the Meshed LoRaWAN network model is that it uses The Things Network, a global, free network server connecting LoRaWAN gateways and sensors all over the globe. This means that everyone in the City of Canada Bay area and beyond that is in range of their LoRaWAN gateways gets free access; a great community asset and STEM promotion tool. Canada Bay have also engaged Meshed to run a community engagement workshop that brought local tech enthusiasts together. The workshop exhibited how to make LoRaWAN sensors and deploy them using The Things Network.