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Imagine having 24/7 data on how many people were in your important places. That’s what the nCounter, Meshed’s LoRaWAN IoT people counting solution, delivers.

Information Sheet

LoRaWAN IoT People Counting
LoRaWAN IoT People Counting


The Solution

nCounter is our LoRaWAN IoT people counting solution that produces insightful data for crowd sizes and pedestrian counts. Based on the counting of Wi-Fi enabled devices in a specified zone, nCounter reports the number of Wi-Fi connected devices that entered a zone, left a zone and the average “dwell-time” of all devices present. With nCounter, you own the data which is visualised through a dashboard supported by us. Our nCounter data platform supplies you with near-real time updates at 10 minute intervals, visualised on colour graphs, dials and panels so you can quickly derive insights.

For further information and pricing on nCounter, contact us.

nCounter Case Studies

Meshed has a range of people counting case studies showcasing examples of our nCounter solution in action. From events data to public space pedestrian indexes, local governments are adopting the nCounter for a cost-effective people counting option.

To see how our customers are leveraging the nCounter for pedestrian and crowd insights, visit our Case Studies page.

Powerful visualisation & metrics

Below is an example of the nCounter Platform Dashboard.

Some of our People Counting clients

LoRaWAN IoT People Counting