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We are proud members of the Sunshine Coast Council’s initiative to establish pedestrian usage and profiling of the Point Cartwright recreation area. This exciting study will provide insight into how the area is being used. Our nCounters are gathering valuable 24/7 data on pedestrian flows on the walking trails and around the beach carpark areas. Privacy is imperative to Meshed, Sunshine Coast Council and the public. The nCounter helps support this by only recording aggregated and no individual movements.

The study aims to help Sunshine Coast Council maintain safe, shared spaces whilst preserving the natural environment. The outcomes of this project will be used to develop a masterplan for Point Cartwright reserve and adjacent open space areas.

Understanding our spaces

Metrics for better public spaces

Sunshine Coast Division 4 Councillor Joe Natoli has shared his excitement for the project.

“Council wants to know how much we love the area and what types of visitors are attracted to the space to ensure we have good, accurate data to feed into future planning activities.”

“We want to make sure we have the best available information on the reserve so it can be managed in a safe way that meets our community’s expectations.”

Not just a people counting study

Connecting the region with LoRaWAN

Meshed has worked with Sunshine Coast Council to establish a number of LoRaWAN gateways across the region. These gateways have allowed the connection of thousands of IoT sensor devices, including our nCounter, at no-cost or very low cost.